Code shouldn’t stop people from starting great things.

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We help you turn your ideas into reality without code with our world class trainers & battle tested learning methods

Courses specifically designed to teach you everything.

(Crafted by Harvard, IIT Bombay Alumni, Startup Founders & Thought Leaders)
Mobile Apps
Web Apps
E-commerce Stores

Solving real world problems that matter


Prerna saved her father’s poultry business during Covid-19 by building a Mobile App to sell goods online.


Tanish bagged a job at his dream startup with a Portfolio Website built with No-Code tools.

What can we help you build?

Whatsapp/Telegram Web
Social Media
Twitter/Facebook Web
Food Delivery
Zomato/Swiggy/Uber Eats
Spotify/Gaana Music

Our Learners have worked with

Superpowers that make us different

Community First, Always!

We’re long time community builders who believe in the power togetherness. Our community is filled with super helpful folks who strive to uplift & help each other everyday on this journey.

Hands on Learning

We follow the mantra of learning by doing & self learning. Students put all the learnings to action during the sessions.

Best-in-Class Trainers

Our teachers come from reputed institutions like Harvard & IIT Bombay. We have startups founders teaching you how to actually build your startup from scratch. How cool is that?
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Why people love us!

This course has definitely given me an upper hand in designing and building products right away without the hassle of understanding the in depth complexities of web or app development. From being able to build basic websites to now being able to build complex websites with intuitive animations, this course has helped me in everyway possible. Special thanks to the mentors who always stuck with us till the end, till we feel that we are sorted. Would definitely recommend this course.

Akhilesh Naidu
Experience Designer, THEM Consulting

From research to marketing, the course is perfectly curated with everything you need to build anything. Being a designer, this course has opened doors to unlimited possibilities as I don't have to rely on anyone to bring my ideas into reality.

Ranjan Pai
Head of Design, IEEE RIT

As a designer, I always wanted to make my ideas and designs live but couldn't get my head around coding. Mentors at PeopleWho.Build taught me to research & validate my idea first, then build amazing animated websites & mobile apps without  a single line of code. They supported me one-on-one even after the end of course.
Now, without any coding knowledge, I am able to build projects within a few days with no hassles.

Tanish Arora
UI/UX Designer at

Got Questions?

What is No-Code?

“No-Code” tools are software development platforms that allow even non-technical people to build & deploy their own applications, without needing to write a single line of code.

Why shouldn't I just learn how to code?

It is great if you want to learn how to code. However, No-Code offers a range of benefits like speed to market, significantly lower time & cost commitments, & hey, it is a lot easier than coding.

Will I be working on a real world project in the course?

Yes, you will be building real-world projects.

I don’t have an idea that I want to work on. Can I still join the course?

Not a problem! We'll help you figure out ideas for your project if needed.

Who will be teaching us?

Our instructors are long-time entrepreneurs and makers working closely with the startup community. They come from institutes like Harvard University & IIT Bombay, fostering a culture of innovation & entrepreneurship.

If you know how to read, you can learn to build digital products